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Presidential Candidates

If you could stand in front of one of the Presidential candidates and ask him a question, who and what would you ask?

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Update on Victoria

I was asked yesterday to hurry up and post a new update on Victoria...she's doing wonderfully!

Before I get into details, congratulations to all of the 2012 Grads!  Most of the students she was close to in school have now graduated and have moved on with their lives.  I want to thank the ones who still stay in contact with her, she really needs your friendship and it means a lot to all of us.  

Victoria is really improving rapidly.  Every week we are moving on to something new.  She is spending 12 minutes on a treadmill.  She is in a harness, so she can't fall.  They are retraining her brain to be able to walk with a normal gait, to walk faster, and to gain core strength.  It is working!  They have also started slowly taking away some assisstive devices, such as being without a tray on her wheelchair.  Everything is moving to getting her out of the chair.  She has been on her knees this week.  That was quite a sight.  She was able to stay a whole minute, balancing herself in front of the table/mat while upright on her knees.  This is something that is very hard to do.  They are also moving her out of the wheelchair into the front seat of the van to ride.  We tried it on Friday and she lacked some height getting into the seat.  We had to buy a six inch stool that we will use for her to step on and then transfer herself on into the seat.  We're a little apprehensive about this but it is something she needs to do.  She will also be doing some pool therapy next week.

She has her first appt. with the new doctor on Thursday and then a eurodynamic test of her bladder on Friday.  I will update again after those appointments!  I have some videos from my phone I want to post but don't know how just yet.

Have a great week!


Last weekend

We had a great time at the Normandy River Cafe last weekend.  March 31st were their opening night and they had special guests performing, Blue River Tupelo.  Of course, I had to take Victoria's photo with them.  When they come back, I'll get them to sign it!