Wee Tike

This wee little man weighed less than 6 pounds at birth!  For being so tiny, his little body was filled out nicely. Getting good nutrition and plenty of loving from Mom and Dad makes a healthy and happy baby! The soft light from my big Paul Buff softbox is a wonderful tool in the studio to capture the perfect image...



This little man was so easy to photograph.  He smiled and laughed and was so happy the whole time he was here.  I'm posting two "Storyboards".  A 12x24 and a 16x20.  The 16x20 is done in a vintage style. I take elements from the image and use them for textures and colors.  The floor in the 12x24 is the background color, the background in the image is the outside border color with a texture added over it.  The corner embellishments color is from his shirt.  I love it!


My first time to photograph a young lady for her Quinceanera

This was a really great session!  Daniela was great at posing and following directions.  Being beautiful made it easy also...her dress was gorgeous and the formal portraits turned out awesome!  As you can see from my posts, I do a special piece of artwork that I call "Storyboards".  I usually do one for each session.  They are either 12x24 or 16x20s.  They have been a very successful product for me and I love coming up with creative ideas to made each one a custom product that highlights the client's experience at Kerry Kimmel Photography.


Baby Schyler

This cute little guy let me know real fast that this was his session, and he would decide exactly what he was going to do and not do lol! Such a beautiful little boy and a very sweet mother, Kisha.  I look forward to seeing you again at your 4 month session...I love the black and white photos and so did Mom.



We were eating at Red Lobster in Tullahoma and Akofa was our server.  As soon as Dwane and I saw her, we both said together, "you have to photograph her"!  And I Thanks Akofa! See more of her session here...